Our God Given Purpose ~ A 31 Day Post (days 7- 10)


I missed days 7-9 of this 31 day writing challenge due to a minor eye injury.  I pretty much had those days planned but since I couldn’t see to type or read, I had to take a few days off.  Yesterday morning during Sunday school, we talked about sharing our faith.  We talked about how God has equipped each of us with the ability to share His love and the truth of Christ with others.  We talked about times of adversity strengthening us so that we can share examples of what God has done for us.  That discussion brought me to this post.

Back in June I had the opportunity to attend a homeschool graduation ceremony for children of two of my dearest friends.  I’ve attended high school graduations and college graduations and well, sometimes they can be long and…dare I say, “boring.”

This graduation was pleasantly and surprisingly really, really good.  The top students of the class gave speeches, sang, and played their instrument of choice.  Then the guest speaker came on stage.  United States Senator Tim Scott had been invited to speak at graduation. I had no idea what to expect from a U.S. Senator speaking at a homeschool graduation, but God had him there for a specific purpose.  And in my mind, that purpose was ME!!!

His speech was really more like a conversation.  He shared some things about himself and his family.  He shared about his faith.

Then he said something that hit me hard!  Really hard!  He said:

A God-given purpose is more important than our current existence.

Wow!!!  My current existence, at that time, was that our family had been separated for almost 2 months.  My husband had already moved to our new home in a new state while the kids and I had been living in a beautiful little cabin owned by friends.  (you can read about our time in the cabin HERE)

This graduation was two days before the kids and I headed to our new home.  But the 2 months prior had been hard.  I admit I had asked God “why?” more than once.  I didn’t question Him moving us.  I did question the necessity of our family being separated.

So I began to ponder what Senator Scott had said.  I began to ask God what His purpose for me and the circumstances were.  I’ll be honest, in some of the things I’ve gone through in my lifetime, existing seemed like all I could do.  You know, one foot in front of the other…hoping not to fall down.

Back to Senator Scott’s statement.  I began to wonder if what we were going through could be used for His glory?  The answer to that last question is, of course, yes!

Not that anything we were dealing with was evil but I thought of Joseph.  His brothers sold him into slavery and he went through a lot after that.  But when we saw his brothers again, he told them that although they intended evil against him, “… God meant it for good.” (Genesis 50:20)

In my mind, this is what Senator Scott was talking about.  Troubles come.  Things happen that seem out of control.  But God has a plan and a purpose.  And that plan is more important than what’s going on in the middle of the circumstance.

So then, what am I to do?  I like the way Francis Chan, author and speaker, says it in his book Forgotten God:

It is true that God may have called you to be exactly where you are. But, it is absolutely vital to grasp that he didn’t call you there so you could settle in and live your life in comfort and superficial peace.  His purposes are not random or arbitrary…He has something for you to do.

He goes on to explain that we “…exist to help others know the love of Jesus…”  I’ll add that we also exist to glorify and worship God in all that we do.  That’s our purpose. 

Until tomorrow…

Joy to You!



If you are joining me for the first time in this 31 Day Series, you can find my other posts HERE on the series landing page.


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