Forget ~ A Five Minute Friday Post

I’ve taken a little time away from writing but have much on my heart that I want to say so I’ll be back at it soon.  In the mean time, I thought I’d do a Five Minute Friday Post teaming up with Kate Motaung and other bloggers who also sit and write for 5 minutes about one word.  No real prep.  No fancy photos – at least not for me.  Just writing.

So here I go:

Today’s word is FORGET

This is a word that really hits home.  Seems I am forgetting everything these days. I often chuckle and say that I birthed my memory.  Somewhere between 12 and 17 years ago, I now remember nothing and my kids….well, they remember EVERYTHING!!!

But I think the word FORGET is bigger than that.  I’ve been thinking alot about God’s grace and forgiveness lately and was reminded that He forgets.  He forgets our sins.  He forgets our bad attitudes.  He forgets our short comings. He forgets our blatant sin.  True repentance is part of the equation with this but when we do repent in our heart of hearts, I believe that He does forget them.

Psalm 103:12 says, “as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”

That means that He doesn’t hold them against us.  They are gone.  They don’t return to be held against us.  For me, that means that He forgets them.  I won’t stand before Him one day and have my sins listed out before me.


What a beautiful thing!


So now I’ve decided that I, too, want to FORGET.  I want to follow the example Christ gave and forget the bad attitude that my kids have about cleaning their room, our doing their school work, or whatever makes them cranky.  I want to forget that the cashier at the grocery store wasn’t very nice to me.  After all, her bad mood doesn’t have anything to with me but with the rude person in line before me.  There are a plethora of examples that come to mind as I encounter people daily.


Instead, I want to remember that God extends grace and mercy to me every day.  And everyone.  I mean everyone that I come in contact with deserves the same.


I doubt my memory improves much but in some cases, that’s not a bad thing.  Sometimes it’s good to FORGET.


Joy to You!

4 thoughts on “Forget ~ A Five Minute Friday Post

  1. Love what you shared here: good food for thought. It’s so easy to hold onto what we’re called to release, unless like you share here, we take ahold of the loving grace He extends us daily: clothed in that love, forgiveness comes naturally to us.


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