It’s Been A Long Time

4-1/2 months!!!

I haven’t  written ANYTHING in 4-1/2 months.  Not because I don’t have a long list of topics to explore.  Not because I didn’t have things to say.  Not because I didn’t want to.

I haven’t written in so long because I was trying to live out my word of the year — QUIET.

I’ve been doing exactly what the Lord would have me do instead.   I guess I should clarify that I have been busy. Being “busy” is exactly what brought me to select quiet as a focus.   I felt I really needed was to rid my life of noise — not the audible kind. The kind that screams busy.

Taking on that task has been hard.  Why?  Becaus being a homeschooling mom takes work.  Being a wife takes work.  Being a homemaker takes work.  Not to mention a church member…a community resident….a sister….a daughter…a friend.  All that work makes one busy!  All that busyness is not bad.

My walk with the Lord is the most important.  I set a goal, accepted a challenge to read the Bible in 100 days.  I failed!  It became more about finishing in 100 days that being in His Word….so…..I stopped.  I didn’t stop reading, I just stopped following a plan.  I did have the intention to keep going through the Bible from Old Testament to New but the Lord had other plans. I had an opportunity for me to lead a Bible study at church.  We walked through the book of 1 Peter. What a blessing.  Along with 3 other ladies, we discussed 1 Peter verse by verse taking in the timely words for our world today.  For the next few weeks, I’m joining the ladies over at LoveGodGreatly participating in a study on Psalm 119.  If you are not familiar with their site and Bible studies, you should check them out.   You’ll be blessed!

Now it’s July.  Our school year has been complete for about a month and a half. It’s time to finish the planning for next year but all in good time.  I kicked off  the summer enjoying my family — immediate and extended by enjoying the sun and the sound of the ocean….

I’ve read a few good books….

And want to read a few more.

I made a short list of projects for the summer.  I’m happy to say that I have already accomplished a few of them!  The others, well…if they don’t get done over the summer, there’s always the fall.  Or Winter.  Or next year!  {smile}

I am praying that I continue to search for my quiet.  That it becomes a habit.

I’d love to pray that for you too!

Happy Summer & Joy To You!



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