How Do You Wait?

Waiting is part of our daily lives.  
We wait for simple things such as our turn to check out at the grocery store, our food at the drive-thru, our kids while they finish lessons or practices, food to finish cooking, clothes to finish in the washer and/or dryer……the list is endless.
And then there are the more difficult things like news from the doctor, a prospective employer to call…..a prayer to be answered.
The Bible is pretty clear when it talks to us about waiting.  My dad’s favorite verse was Isaiah 40:31.  It says:
wait on the lordThis verse has meant a lot to me over the years as I have waited for the simple and the difficult.   I do have to admit that there are times that, while waiting, I never gave this verse a second thought.  Instead I was impatient, tired and weary.
I’ve thought a lot about this lately in terms of the seasons of life that we go through.  You know the toddler years, the pre-school years, etc., etc. But what about the seasons we go through as adults.  Times of plenty and times of want.  Times where we are surrounded by family all the time (or at least it seems like they are always around) and times when we live in a city where there is no immediate family.  
I remember when my husband was feeling God’s call to seminary and full time ministry.  We had lots of questions.  Questions that  we had to wait for answers.  And, to be honest, some were not answered the way we would wanted.  Looking back, we can see God’s hand in every situation and circumstance.  Sometimes, in the waiting we felt strong.  Other times, we were weary.  The Lord NEVER left us.  And when we relied on Him in our waiting, we found joy and contentment.
I don’t know what you might be waiting on right now.  It might be big and it might be a small thing.  Here’s what I know, God cares about every detail.  He has a plan and purpose for our lives.  We may not get the medical news that we expected.  Or the job we wanted.  Or relationships may not go as planned but God is still in control.  He is giving us strength.  He is helping us to “mount up”.  
I pray you find strength in the waiting.
Joy to You!



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