Exchanging Whispers

 How’s your quiet time?  This is a common question between me and a sweet sister in Christ.  If you are like me, quiet time is often hard to come by.  There are chores to be done, homework, extracurricular activities, meals to cook………the list is REALLY long.
What I’ve found is that if I make time for God, all those other things get done.  Eventually.  They may not fall into the perfect schedule that I have in my head but in reality, it doesn’t matter if there is dust on the top of my refrigerator or if I have to “de-wrinkle” a load of clothes 3 or 4 times. 
See the Lord asks for our first fruits.  What does that mean?  It means we give him our best; not our tired and weary bodies.  And not the end of our day when we are falling asleep as we read a passage of scripture and try to stay awake as we pray.  
I heard a beautiful quote while doing a Lysa TerKeurst Bible study.  She said:
That is what I know I need.  To rise early (which, by the way, goes against my philosophy for mornings) and spend time in quiet with Him.  To meditate on His word.  To pray and lay my heart at His feet.
What happens when I do this?
My day goes better.  And sometimes I even accomplish more than I had planned.
I pray that you will have some time to “whisper” with God very soon.
Joy to You!








7 thoughts on “Exchanging Whispers

  1. I LOVE getting up early to spend time alone with God! It was really hard our girls were young, because it seemed like no matter how early I woke up, our eldest would KNOW that I was awake and want to come snuggle with me–four am was not too early for her little radar ;). Now that she’s grown up and married, she gets up at four am to spend time with God–so it all worked out his way.


  2. I used to whisper with God quite a lot and He would whisper to me. I miss that. He hasn’t whispered to me, despite my attempts to pursue Him, in almost two years. He hasn’t been absolutely silent, but I have only heard Him when He’s wanted me to do something (and only about three times in two years) — not when I’ve been crying out to Him, on my knees, begging and pleading with Him for comfort and solace. I don’t know why He is so silent and to be honest, it has shaken my faith more than a little bit. I long for the day when I will once again hear His whispers to me.


  3. Thank you for a tender reminder. I love to exchange the whispers over a hot cup of coffee. I usually have a difficult time leaving to get my work done! Sweet fellowship!!


  4. I’ve thought about this a lot over the course of a few Bible studies I’ve done this year. For me, it’s true: I love mornings and cherish a quiet sunrise with a cup of coffee as I spend time with God. That time sets up my whole day, and if I miss it, I feel it. I crave it. But for some (like *ahem* my husband), the morning isn’t a functional time of day. For him, the “firstfruits” come at a different time. He’s simply not at his best in the morning; it’s at that time that he feels tired and weary. If he were to sit down with the Word and try to commune with God, that would be the same as someone else coming before the throne of grace wearily at midnight. I think it’s important that we each know ourselves enough to recognize our own personal “firstfruits” and give THAT time of day to God.


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