Jesus Paid It All ~ Day 31: Hymns of Praise

It’s November 1.  This is my final Hymns of P31 hymns 300raise post.  This has been quite a journey.  Yesterday I mentioned that I had all 31 Hymns planned but had changed my mind on the last one.  I changed my mind because of the focus on praising the Lord for a month.  I should praise Him all day, every day but I fall short because life happens and I let things get in the way.
So tonight, for my last post,  I want to highlight one more new version of an old favorite.  Jesus Paid It All was originally written by Elvina Hall in 1865.  Ms. Hall wrote the words on the inside of a hymn book during a Sunday sermon when she began thinking about all that Jesus had done for us and realizing that He truly had completely paid for our sins.  
The weight of that realization is tremendous.
It should do something to us!   Or should I say, that realization should cause us to do something.
That’s why I love the updated version by Kristian Stanfill.  It tells us what to do — PRAISE the One who paid my debt and raised my life up from the dead.  What beautiful instructions.  What a precious thought to bring us to truly worshiping Him.
These 31 posts have been just that.  Praising our Lord because He is worthy.  Worshiping Him because He paid it all.
Thank you for joining me this month.  I pray that you have been encouraged.  Please click HERE for an overview of all 31 hymns featured.
Joy to You!




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