How Great Is Our God ~ Day 30: Hymns of Praise

It’s the last day of October.  I can’t believe that, save 1, I posted for 31 days….on the same topic.  I missed one so will I welcome November with that post tomorrow.
It’s been an unusual month around our house for various reasons.  I found myself often overwhelmed.  Writing for 31 days on praising the Lord has been like medicine.  Coincidence?  I think not.  God has plans for us and He knew that I, more than anyone, needed the reminder to praise Him all the time this month.  
Today’s song is How Great Is Our God. It was written by Chris Tomlin and friends.  It’s a favorite.  I love that the words cause me to really think about who God is.  He is great and mighty.  He is worthy to be praised.  
May these words bring you to a point of worship.
 Joy to You!




9 thoughts on “How Great Is Our God ~ Day 30: Hymns of Praise

  1. I love it! Those words never get old. I’d love for your October posts to be my November daily reading – what a great way to get the heart ready and in a spirit of Thanksgiving!


    1. Hi Hannah. Thank you for stopping by. Wow, I’d be really honored if you used my Hymns of Praise posts for your daily readings in November. I checked out your blog to and will be going back soon to look around. Thanks again and God bless.


  2. This was my first blog challenge and I learned quite a bit and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not complete all the posts I wanted to before it was up, but I will keep going at my own pace. I had my topics written down before the challenge started and I will get them finished. Thanks for sharing this Hymn.


  3. I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog through this 31 days of writing challenge. I, too, benefit when I take the time (especially daily) to worship God. Your series is such a blessing (the little I’ve read), I am going to save this for future reading. Thanks for sharing. I am off to youtube this hymn – it will be a great way to start my Sunday.


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