There is a Fountain ~ Day 26: Hymns of Praise

wash all my sins

The original version of this beautiful hymn was written by William Cowper.  It is said that as a result of great tragedy throughout his life, that he spent much of his life depressed.  The various trials he faced were overwhelming to him.  So much so that even though he had a degree in law, he never practiced.  His solution was to immerse himself in scripture, to read, and to write.  He wrote these words shortly before his death in 1800.
I love the version in the below video performed by Selah.  Think of the emphasis on the word AWAY.  We are all sinners – we are told this in Scripture.  But, praise the Lord, we can be “plunged beneath that flood” and when we come up, our sins are washed AWAY.  Isn’t that humbling? 
And overwhelming?
To think that the Lord would do that for me.
This may not seem like a hymn that would naturally fall into the “praise” category but I can think of nothing greater to praise Him for than taking away my sins that He bore on the cross for me so long ago.

Joy to You!



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