I Surrender All ~ Day 20: Hymns of Praise

Have you ever REALLY wanted something? I have.  I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  It took several years, but finally, when our son was about 4, we were at a point where I could be home with him full time.  I was so excited.  Shortly after that, we found out we were expecting again. We were also in the process of building a new house.  Life was wonderful.
When our daughter was about 4-1/2 months old, my hubby told me that he believed God was calling him into full time ministry.  At that time he worked as a graphic designer.  I was positive that he couldn’t be hearing God correctly.  I mean, I hadn’t even painted the walls of our new house AND I had only been a full time mom for about a year AND I was sure that if we went to seminary that I would have to go back to work.
We prayed.  A LOT.  
In time I realized that God was indeed calling my husband into ministry and so, He was also calling me.  And yes, He did want us to go to seminary.  And yes, I would have to go back to work.
Because of this experience, when I read the history of today’s Hymn of Praise, I can totally relate.  
Judson Van DeVenter accepted Christ as a teenager.  He furthered his education at university graduating with a degree in art.  He became a high school art teacher.  He was passionate about art and teaching.  He was also passionate about music, which he also taught.  He played 13 instruments, sang, and composed music.  He became involved in the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church.  At some point in his life and ministry in the church, he found that he had a strong desire to be part of an evangelistic team but he was torn.  He loved teaching and had a very successful teaching career.  He loved the Lord and wanted to share the gospel.  The struggle he felt went on for about five years.
In 1896, during a music event at church, he surrendered to God and became a full-time evangelist.  This song came out of the surrender to the will of God to become an evangelist.


We were in Kentucky for six wonderful years — four of those my husband was in seminary.  All of those, I worked.  I had to daily surrender my desire to be a full time mom because even though the Lord provided a wonderful job for me, my heart was at home with my kids.
I am blessed to now be a full time, homeschooling mom.  I have new things that I have to daily surrender but I am so thankful that indeed His blessing has fallen on me.
Joy to You!















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