Be Thou My Vision ~ Day 16: Hymns of Prasie

This hymn was recommended to me by fellow blogger Denise over at New Mercies I See.  I’ve always loved this oneso I decided to do a little research.  Once I read the history, I just couldn’t pass up adding it to my 31 Hymns series.
It is said that Dallán Forgaill, a 6th Century Irish writer, actually became blind because of his dedication to writing poetry and studying.  In the 20th Century, Mary E. Byrne translated the Irish words into English.  In 1912, Eleanor H. Hull composed the words into verses.  Her translation is the modern form of the hymn that we sing today.
Somehow knowing that a blind man wrote these words make them more meaningful.  Isn’t that way it should be…..the Lord as our vision?  After all, He has a plan for us.  Following His plan is best.  Allowing Him to lead us is best.  Allowing Him to be our light – or sight – will make all the difference in our lives.


Until tomorrow,

Joy to You!


7 thoughts on “Be Thou My Vision ~ Day 16: Hymns of Prasie

  1. I feel I can relate to being so passionate about writing that I’m going blind! I think I need glasses staring at a screen so much! This is a great Hymn. Relying on God in all things is best. Letting him guide you in all things truly is amazing!


  2. I’m not certain if my comment was posted after it asked me to login! So here is another one if it didn’t! Thank you for sharing this hymn. Relying on God for all things is awesome. Letting Him lead your walk, takes you to great things. Blogging everyday has made me realize I may need glasses. So I can relate to this post about being real passionate and possibly going blind (there’s my awkward humor).


  3. This is an amazing idea for a series!! I feel so silly saying it now, but I’ve never thought to really look up the history behind the hymns we sing. A few hymns are so meaningful to me, and now I can’t wait to find out their histories. 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Come Thy Fount was the first hymn that I really remember hearing the history of and have been a fan of it ever since. It’s neat to see how and why the Lord laid these songs on the heart of the writers.

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  4. So happy to have found you! I love hymns…and especially the words and stories behind them. I saw your comment above on Come Thy Fount….it is my husbands favorite and we sang it at our wedding. So much goodness and richness and truth.
    Looking forward to reading your series.


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