I Love You Lord ~ Day 12: Hymns of Praise

Last weekend our family had the opportunity to gather with some friends for dinner and a bon fire.  The hosts live out in the country…or really more like the woods….on a beautiful piece of property.  We gathered with several other families for food and fellowship.  As it began to get dark, we migrated to the fire pit in their side yard.   As we gathered, one of the men there began to play the guitar and this song. 


It’s a few simple verses with a simple chorus but is truly a song of praise to the Lord.  Sitting in the woods, looking at the full moon through the pine trees, and singing with a group of believers was a beautiful time of worship. 

This song is one that it seems I’ve known forever.  I don’t remember the first time I heard it but I have remembered the words from the first time I heard it.  May this simple song of praise bring you to a place of worship right here.  Right now. 

I Love You Lord (Laurie B. Klein)
 I love you, Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship You
Oh, my soul rejoice
Take joy, my King
In what You hear
Let it be a sweet
Sweet sound in Your ear
(Repeats several times)

May your worship be a sweet, sweet sound in His ears!

Joy to You!



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