Lord I Need You ~ Day 6: Hymns of Praise

31 hymns 300
Sometimes hymns can cause reflection.  At least that is the case for me.  That’s exactly what this hymn does.  This hymn of praise is what I would consider a new version of an old classic.  Annie Hawks wrote the original old favorite.  She loved to write poetry and one day, the words came to her.  Years later, she would suffer great loss and the song would resonate with her.  
The version highlighted here, performed by Chris Tomlin, touches my heart.  I do need Him.  Every hour.  And oh how I pray that I do fall on Him when temptation comes my way.  
I’ve chosen to show a YouTube video of the Chris Tomlin singing, the lyrics shown, for you to listen to and meditate on today.  May you find encouragement. 
Until Tomorrow!
Joy to You!

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