Ever have this happen to you?

Life is rolling along with daily routine and then……without warning…….something happens and things just don’t go as planned.


What does “interrupted” mean?  Webster (the 1828 version) defines it as “Stopped; hindered from proceeding”.

That’s exactly how my last two weeks have gone.  A week ago Saturday, I got a call that my mom was being admitted to the hospital.  I rearranged a few things and went to be with her.  We spent four days in the hospital.  I came home and began getting back in routine.

Sunday morning, while in Bible Fellowship…or what some would call Sunday School….we were just delving into the lesson and a class member asked if he could share something that happened to him last week.  He shared details of how he was able to lead a dear friend to the Lord.  An interruption to his week.  But what an interruption both to his life and to our class.  I was truly blessed by his story.  I came home with a post swimming around in my head.

Then I woke up on Monday morning.  Sick.

I spent all day in bed.  I’ve not felt this bad in a long time.  I’m still recovering and, according to the doctor, have a few days to go before I am 100%.   We moved Math and Grammar to the sofa and I coughed and sneezed my way through multiplication and paragraph writing.  I had such high hopes to really get back in routine this week since last week was completely out of routine but the Lord had other plans for me.  He has plans for us and they don’t always agree with our plans.

Being sick and lying in bed all day gave me the opportunity to pray for some things that are very heavy on my heart right now.  What a blessing!

So…we’ll be having math and grammar and geography lessons from the couch this week.  But that’s okay! I want to live my life…with interruptions.

Joy to You!





(A Think on These Things Post)

think on these things


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