The Church

Saturday morning, I got a call from my sister to tell me that our mom was on her way to the ER.  We live 3 hours from mom so I wasn’t sure if I needed to stay at home or go. And if I went, how long would I need to stay.  I felt torn as a mom, as a daughter.   My sister said to wait and see what happened at the ER to decide.  If they didn’t admit mom,  there would likely be no real need to go or at least not go for more than an overnight trip.
I did decide to wait, however, I immediately went into back-up plan mode.  I knew if I needed to go be with mom that my family would need to be taken care of.  We have a weekly schedule — places to be, commitments to keep, and this week a meal to cook for someone else.   Let me clarify that it was not a hard decision but taking off for several days and leaving the family behind requires a little bit of planning.
So how does my mom being in the hospital and me needing to be with her relate to the church? 
I made SEVERAL phone calls and by the time I had decided that I did need to go be with my mom for 3 – 4 days, I had every detail taken care of.    Rides to ballet and swim team, pick up at community chorale, and even someone to take over the meal I was to cook.  I should add that every detail includes my son helping out with meals and other stuff around the house while I am gone.
As I sit in my mom’s hospital room with friends confirming the role they are taking on for me so that I can be 3 hours away, it hit me.  This is the church!  1 Corinthians 12:25 from The Message, says it well, “…..every part dependent on every other part…”  But I also really like the way that the ESV says it, “..but that the members may have the same care for one another..”
My friends and my family are caring for me.  And my friends  and family are the church!  I am blessed!! 
steepleJoy to You!



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