To Be A Blessing


Our pastor has been doing a sermon series on blessings.  And so, I have been thinking about it on a weekly basis for awhile now.
He has focused more on parents blessing children….a great sermon series for the beginning of the school year.  But I when I ran across 1 Peter 3:9 as I was having my quiet time recently, it really struck me.
Right there, in the middle of the verse, it tells us to bless.
What exactly does it mean to bless?
The dictionary has several meanings.  A few related to prayer and other things specifically related to the church.  I am in no way discounting those but for my purpose here, the definition that I am choosing to highlight is this:
to bestow good of any kind upon
Good of any kind.  Wow!  This means that there are things big and small that can bless someone.  Just yesterday I received a homemade, very delicious banana pudding from a man at church.  Why did he make me a banana pudding like my Nanny used to make?  Because he found out that I love banana pudding with meringue on top and, well, it’s in his nature to be kind to others…to be a blessing to them.
 The verse in 1 Peter is what got me. Peter is specifically addressing our words.  To “revile” someone means “to assail with contemptuous or opprobrious language; address or speak of abusively.”  And then we are told to bless.  This means that we are to speak kindly to and about that person.  I think we are really to take it further.  If someone is not nice to me.  If someone lies to me.  If someone hurts me or my family, I am to bestow good on them.  I am to bless them.  
 Now to make it a little more personal…at least for me.
Parenting is hard.  We watch our kids go through all kinds of experiences as they grow up into the young men and women that God created them to be.  Teaching them to “bless and not curse” (Romans 12:14) those who are unkind to them is a hard but very important lesson.   We have to show our children this very thing in the way we treat other adults in our lives.  From our spouses and co-workers to the guy who cut us off on the highway.
It’s hard, this walk of a Christ-follower.  Being a blessing when others aren’t blessing us at all.  Being a blessing to those that have hurt us.  Being a blessing when we just don’t feel like it.  Being a blessing when we are the ones that really need to be blessed — and I mean more than a “bless you” when you sneeze!
I know that I need to look for opportunities to bless others.  Something for me to work on….
How can you bless someone today?
Joy to You!





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