Do You Ooze?

This might seem like a crazy question but it’s one that I personally want to take more seriously!

So you may be asking me, “ooze what?”

My answer:  Jesus!  Do you ooze Jesus?

The definition of OOZE is “To flow gently; to percolate, as a liquid through the pores of a substance, or through small openings.”

ooze jesus Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with a really neat lady.    We were at her house having dinner with her family.  While the men were off talking about whatever men talk about, I was in the kitchen helping with final dinner preparations.   There in the kitchen, and later in their living room, the heart of the conversation was Jesus.

This doesn’t mean that every word was centered around Jesus.  It means that this lady had the sweetest spirit.  I could just tell that her relationship with the Lord is strong.  She talked of desiring for her life to follow the will of God and she talked of how she wants to center her marriage and raise her kids on the principles that God commands.  But she also just had that quiet, gentle spirit that confirmed her relationship with the Lord to me.

I went home that night really questioning how much Jesus pours out of me.  When I talk to my husband….my kids….my friends….the cashier at the store….the person who just cut me off in traffic (stepping on my own toes here).  How about dealing with a difficult situation.  We really can’t take hurtful words back, it’s just not possible.  We simply have to ask for forgiveness and let the Lord heal the hurt.

Spend time in God’s Word, talking to God, fellow-shipping with other believers, worshiping our Father in Heaven:  these are the things that will lead us to our life being a constant “ooze” of Jesus.

That’s how I want to be. How about you?

Just something to think about…

Joy to You!






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