What does this mean? (A Think on These Things Post)

think on these things

I found a verse the other day that I am sure I have seen before.  After all, I have read Hebrews once or twice or alot more than that over the years.  But this day, the Lord wanted me to see THIS verse.  It’s found in chapter 10.  Verse 23.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.

Ever read a verse and then you just can’t get it out of your head.  This is one of those verses for me.  The word unswervingly jumped off the page.  I think of swerve like when you don’t want to hit something in the road.  I never thought of applying it to my walk with Christ but doesn’t it make perfect sense.
Of course, I had to look up the word unswervingly and, of course, it’s not in the dictionary….exactly.  But swerve is.  What does it mean?

to turn aside abruptly in movement or direction; deviate suddenly from the straight or direct course.

So then, unswervingly means do. not. swerve!  Simple as that.  We are to hold on to the hope we profess in Christ and not turn aside from it.  Not abruptly or suddenly but not slowly either.  The Lord calls us to hold to our faith.  Hold to our hope.  Hold to Him.
Isn’t that good news?  Doesn’t that make this thing we call life seem a little easier?  It certainly does for me.  Sounds to me like a great verse to pray as we walk with the Lord.
Joy to you!






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