The Glory of the Lord

I am preparing for a breakout session that I will be leading in a few weeks on prayer.  In doing so, I have been reading every verse and passage I can find on prayer.  Yesterday, I was reading in 2 Chronicles about Solomon’s prayer of dedication to the Lord for the temple that he built.  I came to chapter 7 and the first three verses struck me!

Here are a  few things that struck me about these verses:

  1. “fire came down from heaven” when Solomon finished his prayer. 
  2. “the glory of the LORD filled the temple” and was “on the temple”
  3. the people bowed down with their faces to the ground on the pavement and worshiped and gave thanks to the LORD”
What would we do if our prayers brought fire from heaven?  What would we do if we could visibly see the glory of the Lord?
I was humbled at the realization that I do not bow down, worshiping and giving thanks to the Lord as often as I should.  It should not take “fire” to bring me to my knees.  I should not need a visible sign of the presence of the Lord to cause me to worship Him or give thanks to Him.  After all,  I have the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords living inside of me.  That knowledge alone should day by day, moment by moment bring me to my knees.  
That is my prayer for myself and for all who belong to Him.
Joy to You!
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