Trust!! (A “Think on These Things” post)

Trust. It seems like something we all probably do. We trust in things. We trust in people. We trust in God. We trust when life is rolling along, going exactly the way we think it should. When circumstances are working out just right. When all is well in our ‘little corner’ of the world.

But what about when the phone call comes that you or your loved one has cancer? What about when your parent passes away? What about when you get the medical bill that you don’t know how you will pay? What about when the car breaks down — again, when your furnace breaks or the roof leaks, when you just can’t shake the cold or flu and feel like you just can’t go on? What about when you feel alone? Abandoned?

As believers we SAY we trust in the Lord. Recently, I have had a wave of guilt wash over me. You see, some of the stuff I mentioned above happened to me. Not all at once, praise the Lord. But over the years, I’ve gotten those calls. Lost loved ones. Received the medical bills. Fixed the car again. And again. We’ve had household stuff to deal with and well, this has been a tough winter season for me and my family health-wise. Sinus colds keep reoccurring.

I am weary!

This past Sunday, I hit that point where I just wanted to crumble. Crawl under the covers and come out ONLY if all the “stuff” went away. It didn’t. I was sitting in church. The congregation was being led in a time of praise and worship. As I listened — and tried to sing — the worship music, it hit me that I don’t trust enough.

Proverbs 3:5-6 came to mind.

Old pathway into the forest with fog

And then Philippians 4:6. It says “Be anxious for nothing…”

God’s Word directs me to not worry. To trust in the Lord. To lean on the Lord. And to NOT lean on my understanding of the circumstances.

I so often forget this when things happen and happen and happen.

I don’t know the Lord’s plan for my life but I do know that when I “trust in Him” and when I “lean on Him”, He will direct and make my path straight. This is my prayer!

I have no idea the burden of your heart right now but I pray as I write this post that you will also trust in and lean on Him.

Joy to You!


think on these things


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