V and W…

I had it all planned.  
I was going to write this great post for the “V” link up of Blogging through the Alphabet.
My topic was:
See.  I even had the graphic all made. {smile}
But life happened.  
My week seemed to be filled with nothing but defeat.
Kind of hard to write on Victory — even the kind that comes from the Lord — when everything else is so hard.
So, the time frame to write a “V” post came and went.
Now, I’m also running out of time for the “W” post but I’m not letting this one pass by.
Last night, my son (whose name happens to start with W) did the devotional time for his youth group.
As he was speaking, I knew what “W” could stand for in this post.
He spoke on Gideon and his 300 men.
 Gideon, the WARRIOR, had great VICTORY!!!
Not because he was a great WARRIOR, but because he was obedient to a great God.
You know that we are no different from Gideon.
In our own strength, we often don’t get very far. 
But when God steps in….
He equips us for VICTORY!  We are His WARRIORS.
I could go on and on.  Instead, I’d ask you to take a peak at my son’s blog post about the devotion he gave.  
You can find it HERE.
Joy to You!
This post is linked up with Ben and Me as I join others “Blogging through the Alphabet”

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