R is for……….

Retreat, Refresh, & River City Cafe!

Have you ever been on a Marriage Retreat?  Our church hosted one this past weekend.  My husband planned the retreat so I guess that I am bragging on him when I say this, but it was really fantastic.
He titled the retreat “Made One”.  

made one

Our speakers were Doug & Joan Dorman from Your Next Step Ministries.  They talked to us about Oneness – with each other and with Christ, Love and Respect, Forgiveness, and more.  We also had a mini-session on the 5 Love Languages.  (Sidenote:  I was surprised to find out that I was totally wrong about my love language……oh, well!)  
The topics covered by Doug & Joan were both informative and encouraging.  But the biggest blessing was getting to know them as a couple.  How cool to come home with new friends.   There were 15 couples on the retreat.  We had great food and great fellowship.  Time was set aside on Saturday evening for a date night.  My hubby and I double dated with dear friends at Angelo’s Steak and Pasta.  If you’re ever in Myrtle Beach, SC and want steak or pasta, I highly recommend Angelo’s.  
So the weekend was refreshing.  The sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean was gorgeous on Saturday morning reminding me that “the heavens declare the glory of God…”


I mentioned River City Cafe in the opening of this post.  It’s the best, in my opinion, burger place in Myrtle Beach.  A favorite of ours so we started our weekend with lunch there with Kevin’s childhood friend that lives in the area.  Always good to see old friends.
I’m linked up with Marcy over at Ben and Me as I join others “Blogging through the Alphabet”
6341b-bloggingthroughthealphabetsmHope you have a blessed rest of your week!
Joy to You!

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