A Run Down of Last Week

I REALLY enjoy writing about our homeschooling journey and linking up with the Homeschool Mother’s Journal.  This link up is really what ignited my desire to start this blog.  Please take some time and read what other homeschooling mama’s are sharing about their home-schools, their lives, their walk with the Lord.  You will be encouraged, I guarantee it.  
 The typical format of the Homeschool Mother’s Journal is changing and I am very excited about it, however, this week I am sticking to the old way and using the writing prompts one more time.  
 So here goes……..A run down of last week.
 In my life last week…..
I realize that it’s Tuesday evening and I am just getting around to posting a review of last week, but it was a good week and so, I share. 
 It was good but also an unusual week.  We got snow!  It may seem crazy to point it out but we live in the lower part of SC and snow just doesn’t come around very often.  It was 70 degrees the first of last week, and then…on Tuesday night….we got approximately 6” of snow.  It was really beautiful.  Made me think of our days of living in KY.
The whole family worked on some deep cleaning around the house.  We have more to do but it feels good to have accomplished something.
 Because of the snow, everything else was shut down.  Church was cancelled Wednesday night.  Upward practices were cancelled.  Swim team practice was cancelled…..
 In our homeschool…..
Despite the snow, we had school.  Public schools were out 3-1/2 days last week but not us.  I did agree to lighter days so that they could play in the snow but we are really wanting to stay on task.  I have to applaud my kids because they had a really great attitude and kept plugging away at their work.
 Leah is gearing up for a presentation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in her co-op literature class.  She is teaming up with a friend and they will be acting out a scene from the book.  She also worked very hard on a project for her co-op Biology class about the “Lady Jane” Tulip.
tulip poster
Wyatt is reading, reading, reading.  Much to do as a high school freshman. 
 Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Sometimes taking time off to play OR to get some much needed cleaning around the house is okay.  Lessons can be learned in EVERYTHING we do!!
 Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Nana came to visit over the weekend.  She hung out with the kids while my hubby and I went on a marriage retreat with our church.  He planned the retreat, as that kind of thing falls under his responsibility as Associate Pastor.   Such a treat to get away with other couples for fellowship and encouragement.  (Keep an eye out…I will likely be blogging about the retreat later this week.)  AND I got to eat at my favorite burger place at Myrtle Beach – River City Café.  So yummy!
It’s true.  It really is all about the burger!!  If you’re ever in Myrtle Beach, give them a try.
 My favorite things…..
The weekend with my hubby.
 My kiddos favorite thing this week…
Snow!!! And time with Nana.
 What’s working/not working for us…
Staying on a cleaning schedule. I REALLY need to figure out a way to be more diligent in this area.  I so want to pass on good habits to my kids.  I’d love some tips if anyone wants to share!
 Things I’m working on…
My goal to be more organized.  Last week, while cleaning, I took on several drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and a shelf in the laundry closet.  Baby steps but I am getting there.
 I’m reading …
Still finishing up Lit! A Christian’s Guide to Reading Literature.  I’ll finish it eventually.
 I’m cooking…
I cooked ahead for the weekend for my mom and the kids to have while we were gone.  
 I’m grateful for…
A husband who loves me and wants our marriage to be centered on Christ.
 I’m praying for…
Friends and family who have heavy burdens.
 photo, video, link, or a quote to share…
Wyatt and two of his good friends have started a blog.  If you would like to be encouraged by young men who have a heart and passion for the Lord, hop over and take a peek at their site.  You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!


 Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal.
 Joy to You!

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