Think On These Things

I enjoy writing my “Monday Meditation” posts but I will be real honest and say that sometimes a post on Monday’s is just really hard for me.  I also like alliterations.  They are fun to think of and fun to say.  AND, if catchy enough, help in remembering things. Because of both of these things, I have decided to move this post to another day.   So, I am changing the name to “Think On These Things”.  And will be posting on Tuesdays.
Why the title?  Philippians 4:8 tells us we should.


I want the Word of God to IMPACT (my “word of the year”) me this year.  I want to hide it in my heart.  I want others to clearly see Christ in me because I “think on these things”.  These things can be found in God’s Word.
So where do I start?  Being sure that I am daily in His Word is the best start.  Next is memorizing His Word.  I have challenged my kids to join me in memorizing scripture this year.  We are joining Ann Voskamp, from A Holy Experience in memorizing what she is calling The Jesus Project.  We all knew the first verse so we decided to move ahead to the next one.  I am sure that there will be a week when we need a little extra time on a verse {smile}.  I decided to take Ann’s advice and display the verses, provided in beautiful printables on her website, so that we continually see them all year.  So we have a string around two walls of our school room and on the string, we are hanging the verses.

wk1-2 for post

If you are interested in memorizing scripture this year, and need a plan, OR if you just need encouragement, I recommend visiting A Holy Experience.
Until next week:

think on these things

Joy to You!



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