2013…..A Review

I think it’s good to look back and see how the year that is ending went.
To see if the goals set were accomplished.
To decide if goals should be set for the coming year.
I’ll start this retrospect by saying that I ended 2013 feeling more like a failure than a success.  Why?  Well, I am not really sure.  I just can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe it will come to me eventually and maybe not.  I really just cannot dwell on it…or I guess I will for at least the length of this post.
My “word of the year” for 2013 was DILIGENT.  I had a few areas that I wanted to be more diligent in and as I review them, I can see small steps to success and giant leaps to…well, less than success!
I thought of listing those areas here, giving an update, saying why/how I feel I succeeded OR why/how I feel I failed but the reality is that that would just make this all about me.
And well……I just don’t want it to be all about me.  You can click here to read my original post if you like.  Maybe you feel you need to be more DILIGENT in 2014.  If so, these maybe just the areas that you need to work on too.
I have selected a word for 2014.  It kind of goes along with being diligent because if I am diligent, this will happen.  I’ll write about that in the near future.
For now, I will say good-bye to 2013.  A year full of joy and sorrow.  A year with much laughter and tears.  A year where I was blessed to love and be loved by my family.  A year where I spent time with wonderful friends.   A year that I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to live.
Happy New Year
Joy To You!



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