I & J……….

I is for …….
This word “impact” keeps coming up in my life.
What does it mean?
It has a few meanings.  
One meaning is “the striking of one thing against another; forceful contact; collision.”
 The one I prefer and want to focus on is “influence; effect.”
Last week, my husband’s grandmother’s passed away.  Words can not begin to describe the loss we feel.  But “impact” is a word that I can use over and over again to describe her life and what she meant to others.  I saw, and heard, of the influence and effect that she had on her family and friends.  I’ve been a part of the family for almost 19 years and she definitely impacted me with her sweet spirit, her love for her family, and her love for the Lord.
Reflecting on her life, her influence has made me consider my own life.  My actions and my attitudes.  I’ve been working my way through Devotions from Genesis by Nicole Halbrooks Vaughn.   As I am going through this study, I came across a quote that made me think of Granny.  Ms. Vaughn says:
“Have you ever considered the impact that your present obedience is going to have on the future, especially the future of those who watch you and walk with you in everyday life?”
Obedience to the Lord and His call on our lives.  This is what our Granny exemplified in her life.  Every day.
I hope that I have such an “impact” on those in my life.  One of those things I’d like to “impact” my life is:
J is for….
This is the time of year when we see and hear joy more than any other time of the year.
It’s in our music — the Christmas Carols we know and love.  It’s written on the cards we send.  And sometimes on the wrapping paper we use to wrap our gifts in.
I love Christmastime.  I really do, however, I do get bewildered with the commercialization and busyness of the season.
I am guilty.  No matter how hard I try, I am guilty.  I get caught up in the songs, the shopping, the decorating, the food.
All of this stuff is not necessarily bad but we should be cautious.  All this stuff can take away our true joy.  True joy is only found in Christ.  It’s not temporary.  Even when everything around us is crumbling, we can feel joy.  In the first chapter of James, we are told to “count it all joy.”  Psalms 16:11 tells us that “in His presence there is fullness of joy.”
My prayer is that for the next few days, and on into the New Year, that I look for and look to to the joy that comes from knowing the Lord as my Savior.  And that that joy would be visible and “impact” others.
Merry Christmas & Joy to You!



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