Joy..Thankfulness..Patience (A Meditation)


The message yesterday morning was on the will of God.  Have you ever wondered if you are in God’s will?  Or how you even know God’s will for your life?  I have.  Sometimes I think about it a lot.  Other times, right in the middle of whatever I am doing, I realize that I am most likely not in God’s will.
The pastor said something that really struck me.  He said that we often find something that we are interested in and, being a person who prays before making decisions, we pray about it.  The answer from God is clearly no.  Instead of sulking about it, being discontent, questioning God, we should continue on where we are with joy…thankfulness.. & patience.
Right now I am serving in a position at church that I really don’t feel called to serve in.  Why am I there?  Because I believe in the ministry.  Because I care about those that are being ministered to.  Because, well, we are short-handed.  I sometimes grumble.  I often complain.  I even told the director of this ministry just last week that I cannot continue without help — I am often the only worker to show up. 
After the message, I know that I am there because God has a reason for me being there.  He has put me there.  It is His will for me right now.  Because of this, I need to serve with those things the pastor pointed out.  
I don’t know where you are and what you are praying about but I hope that even in the times of God saying no — or wait — that you are filled with joy.  With thankfulness.  And yes, with patience as you wait on God to say yes.   I have found it to be true that when we wait on the Lord, our reward is great.  
Joy to you!



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