It’s That Time Again


 Reality is setting in that this week truly begins the holiday season.  Family gatherings, black Friday shopping (which I rarely participate in), Christmas decorations, the hustle and bustle.  Wow!  I can’t believe it’s already that time of year. 
With all of this, for so many friends and family, also comes sadness, loneliness, a heavy heart, a weariness that is hard to bear.   These feelings come for different reasons.  It could be loss to death or even divorce.  It could be caring for a sick loved one.  It could be that we (myself included) make commitments that, in the end, are really just too much to bear. 
This past week I had a heavy heart.  I felt weary.  And the holiday rush hasn’t even really begun. 
I was thinking about what to write for my “Monday Meditation” feeling that I wanted to offer hope for others who may be feeling the same way that I was feeling but hadn’t really decided what to write.  Then on Saturday, I opened the blog post written by Olivia, one of my dearest friends.  A precious mom, wife and sister in Christ who shared EXACTLY what I had been feeling.  She speaks of being worn.  She says, 
I know that God is bigger than our trials, but sometimes I need a reminder…..If ….you’re feeling worn from the work it takes just to breathe and continue putting one foot in front of the other…take courage…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
And then she shares the words to the song “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North.  I would encourage you to click over to her blog Standing Up Stones and read what the Lord laid on her heart. 
I pray that you will find encouragement just as I did from her words.
Joy to You!



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