It’s All Around Us

Death is all around us.  
I look out my window and see the leaves have already dried up, died and fallen to the ground.  
It even showed up in our game of Boggle today — that is the word showed up in the game.
 Last week, we attended the funeral of a precious 93 year old grandmother.  
The service was quite a tribute.
Yesterday, dear friends felt great loss in their family.
He lost his 13 month battle with cancer.
But he won in that he is now at the feet of Jesus.
His daughter , who is like one of my own kids, wrote a beautiful blog post last week as they knew that his death would be soon.  She speaks of the “truth about death”.  And it is beautifully spoken.  
She says:
The truth about death is that we do not mourn as those who have no hope. The truth about death is that Jesus is so much more. And that isn’t ugly at all. It’s absolutely beautiful. 
If you are grieving, or if you know someone who is, I encourage you to click here for her full post.  It will give you hope in the midst of sorrow. 
Joy to You!

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