Milestones of the week

In my life this week…      Last Sunday was my Blogaversary!!  For two years now I have been sharing my heart and our homeschool journey.  I even got a gift!  My sweet friend Marcy over at Ben and Me made a new button for me to match the makeover I gave to my blog.  She’s really talented!! 
baskets for Robin
 What a blessing it has been to be part of the homeschool blogging community.  I love “meeting” new friends as we share our experiences as teachers and mama’s.  I look forward to continuing on this journey……sharing what the Lord lays on my heart. 
The kids have their first swim meet this weekend.  In light of this, we’ve spent a little extra time at the pool.  Friday morning one of the older girls on the team volunteered to meet us at the Y and help my kids to brush up on diving and strokes before the meet.  Her help is greatly appreciated and proved to be a huge benefit!!  Here are a few shots from the meet: 
1026 meet collage
 The rest of the week was a whole bunch of normal! I like normal!!
 In our homeschool this week…     Not much to report aside from the normal stuff.  Again, I like normal.    
Wyatt is reading Jane Eyre in Literature.  So far he is not really impressed.  Leah’s Literature class at our co-op is moving slowly through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They are learning how to annotate — a skill I am not sure I ever mastered but really wish that I had.  Seeing how Leah picks out imagery, makes connections, etc. is a lot of fun for me.  It gives me a glimpse of how her mind works. 
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…      We traveled to Columbia on Friday night this week to meet my mom and my sister & her family for dinner to celebrate my nephew’s 23rd birthday.
My favorite thing this week was…      Seeing my kids swim in the meet. 
Things I’m working on…     I’m the BoxTop for Education coordinator for our co-op so this week, I have been trimming and counting box tops.  November 1st is the fall submission date and I have a LOT to get ready to send.  This is a great way for our co-op to earn money so that we can buy supplies, etc.
I’m reading …      Still reading Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas.  Kevin is leading a class on this book during our Wednesday night classes at church.  I am getting so much encouragement from the other parents in the class.
I’m cooking…     This week I made Broccoli Beef.  I forgot to take a photo but found the recipe on Pinterest, of course.   It was really good.
I’m grateful for…     The kids and adults that we are on swim team with.  The way that they encourage each other and help each other is simply precious to me.
I’m praying for…      My kids — instead of praying for change or help for them, I am praying a prayer of thanksgiving for who God made them to be.  This is a suggestion in the Sacred Parenting book.  I do this anyway but I am being A LOT more intentional about it.
photo, video, link, or a quote to share…
You cannot cultivate affection for the Savior without reading and studying the Word of God — C.J. Mahaney
Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal.
 Joy to You!

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