This time every year

In my life this week…
This is the most emotional week of the entire year for me.  That may sound strange but it’s true.  This week one of my dearest friends would have had a birthday – she passed away in 1996.  I still miss her.  Fourteen years ago this week, my dad went home to be with the Lord.  I still miss him.  My grandfather would have celebrated a birthday this week – he passed away several years ago.  I still miss him.  I always find myself reflecting a lot of family and friends and the importance of the people in my life this week every year.  Being extra emotional had an effect on the rest of my life this week.  I just have to accept that this is who I am and move on hoping next week will be better.
I also started a part time job this week.  I am very excited about it.  I am working as a mission team assistant for Impact Ministries in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I work from home and my schedule is very flexible.  My job is to help recruit teams to come and do mission work in Myrtle Beach during spring and summer breaks.  The founder of Impact grew up with my husband and is like a brother to him so it is very cool to be a part of something that I believe in and have supported for years. 
Oh, and we have a mouse in our house.  We’ve not caught him yet and I REALLY wish we would.
In our homeschool this week…
Our routine was off this week.  Our co-op had to meet on Tuesday, instead of Monday.  While it was nice to be home on Monday, having co-op on Tuesday really threw our whole week off. In spite of that, we rolled right along and studied hard. 
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
We are preparing for friends to come to town this weekend.
My favorite thing this week was…
A good long chat with my friend that lives in Texas.   
Things I’m working on…
Unfortunately, sanitizing a lot because of the mouse in the house.
I’m reading …
I am reading back through Unglued as I go through the study guide with a precious group of ladies at church on Wednesday nights.
I’m cooking…
Not much this week but I did try a Pampered Chef recipe and my family LOVED it.  It’s called “the big enchilada”.  It’s definitely going on the recipe rotation at our house.
I’m grateful for…
Answered prayer.
I’m continuing to pray for…
Family members dealing with health issues and a dear friend who is dealing with cancer.
A photo, video, link, and a quote to share…
On Saturday last week, we discovered a flower growing where we had never had a flower before.  I’ve kept an eye on it over the week and this is what I have blooming right outside my back door.
flower collage
Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal and Homeschool Review
HSMJ link up
Joy to You!

6 thoughts on “This time every year

  1. I love you. And I am praying for your sweet heart this weekend. And I want to talk to you soon. Things got crazy this week. I’ll tell you more when we talk. It will be soon ❤


  2. This is a sad time for me as well. My stepdad, whose birthday was 9/6, passed away in 2006. A good high school friend, whose birthday was 9/25, passed away several years ago, hit by a bus on his way home from work one evening. My lovely lab, Baily, died 9/4/10. Then, this year, our precious Milly passed away on 9/9. Lots of tears this month, if not this week.

    Let’s look at the sunshine this next week and thank God for the life that continues teaming around us. I’m visiting from Homeschool Mother’s Journal.


        1. Oh Diana, I didn’t think you were trying to minimize it at all. It’s hard, when I feel so sad, to concentrate on the good. I often want to just be sad. This year, I tried VERY hard not to be sad. {{hugs to you}}


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