Every Single Detail


Recently my daily Bible reading plan had me in Ezekiel.  I’ll admit that it’s not a book that I would just pick up my Bible and start to read.  Over that, I am ashamed.  I should desire to read every word that God has given us in His Word.

Anyway, I was reading in Ezekiel and I was struck by the details that are in there.  I think that we often forget, or at least I know I do, that God is in every. single. detail. of our lives.  We may not want Him there.  We may be ashamed for Him to see those details but the reality is that He is there.

It goes back to Psalm 139 where we are told that He formed us.  Talk about detail.  Cells, organs, the color of our eyes, the shape of our nose.  Wow!  It’s pretty overwhelming.

The fact that He is in every detail should be obvious.  Everything in nature speaks of the detail of God.  So then why am I surprised when I read the instructions God gave to Noah for the ark in Genesis?  Or for the temple in Exodus?  Or for the city wall in Ezekiel?

The answer is because I take my focus off of Him.  I forget that He not only cares about the big stuff in my life, but the little stuff too.  And I need to give all those details up to Him.  Or should I say give them back to Him?  They are His.  He created me.  He has a plan for me; every. single. detail. is His.  Now to remember that.  To rest in it.

I pray that you also find rest in knowing that He cares for every detail of your life.  It matters to Him.

Joy to you!




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