A Review of Our Week (9/6/13)

In my life this week…
We enjoyed having Monday to relax and then went about the rest of the week as we diligently worked on our school work.  I did work in the yard just a bit on Monday.  The result is this:
(In hind sight, I should have taken a “before I cut” photo but I just didn’t think about it.)
It was a huge, but very dead, Azalea bush.  I decided to cut all the dead off hoping that I could cut it pretty low to the ground.  The result is that now we have these dead stalks coming out of the ground. Not the prettiest sight. My hubby will have to work on it to get rid of the rest.
Thursday night we took the kids and went to a beautiful public garden here in our little town.  It’s actually owned by Coker College here in Hartsville.  We have a relatively new camera that Kevin has been learning to use so we thought the gardens would be a great place to play around with the camera.  Here are a few of his shots:
And a few that Leah and I took with either my phone or our little “point and shoot” camera:
In our homeschool this week…
Due to Labor Day we did not have co-op but we still had a full week.  Leah is working on an Animal Notebook for her biology class.  We had fun looking up different types of vertebrates and invertebrates as she was deciding what animals she wants to research for her notebook project.
Wyatt is very independent this year.  I guess that is what being in high school means.  I’m really enjoying seeing the responsibility that he is taking on with his work.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
If you have a child that has trouble staying on task, set a timer and give specific instructions.  When the timer goes off, take a little break to discuss what’s next and then set the timer again.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
We went to the Y a few mornings this week and got in some swim time.  We’re very excited that Swim Team starts back next week.  We also met our new neighbors that moved in last week.  They have a preschooler and are considering homeschooling so I had the opportunity to share with her all the reasons why I love to homeschool.
My favorite thing this week was…
Leading the ladies class at church on Wednesday night through the book Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.  We had our first class and it was such a sweet time of fellowship.  I can’t wait for the next 5 weeks as we go through the study together.
What’s working/not working for us…
Getting up and getting going.  I have struggled with this ever since we started homeschooling 2 years ago. 
Maybe someday, I will get there.
Things I’m working on…
Twice a year, there is a community consignment sale for kids clothing.  I am consigning this year so I spent a good bit of time preparing the clothes that I would like to sell. 
I’m reading …
Truth Stained Lies by Terri Blackstock.  She’s one of my favorite Christian fiction authors. 
I’m cooking…
A lot this week.  We ended up with dinner guests twice this week.  I just love having people over.
I’m grateful for…
The opportunity to walk along side of other ladies in the church through the Unglued study.  And for answered prayer.
I’m praying for…
Family members dealing with health issues.  And a dear friend who is dealing with cancer.
A photo or two, video, link, and a quote to share…
This butterfly allowed us to get very close to him on our trip to the gardens this week.  He was definitely alive but did not fly off when we got close to photograph him. 
And I just love my family.  I think this was a great shot of Kevin and the kids.
Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up this week with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal.
Joy to You!

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