Back to a normal routine

In my life this week…
My hubby and I celebrated 18 years of marriage.  We went to our favorite little Mexican restaurant in town with our kids and his best friend from when he was a boy. Our friend just happen to be passing through town so we invited him to have dinner with us.  I had a few somewhat shocked reactions to our anniversary celebration being with the kids and a dear, life time friend but as I think about it we really celebrate every day of the year.  Maybe I should define “celebrate”.  Every day of every year, for 18 years, he has told me that he loves me and that he thinks I’m beautiful.  Many times every week of the year, he tells me that he is glad I am his wife.  He loves and honors me in so many ways.  I’ll take that on a daily basis over a fancy dinner anytime.  Besides, we really love our kids and like to share our joys in life with them.  As for our friend, he was at the wedding so why not celebrate the anniversary with us?  Right?
In our homeschool this week…
Our co-op started back on Monday.  It was wonderful!!!  And now we feel like we’re back in our normal “school” routine.  I’m not sure who is more excited about it, me or the kids.   The kids were, of course, glad to see friends that we had not seen over the summer but they were also glad to be back in class.  Here is a photo of our group during our “first day back” orientation. 
I’m teaching Geography to a sweet little group of K5 and 1st grade students.  I can’t wait to help them learn more about the world that God created.  I am also the parent “helper” in Wyatt’s Physical Science class and in Leah’s Literature class.  I just love being with my kids and seeing first hand what they are being taught at co-op.  The advantage is that it helps me with their work at home during the week.
With assignments from our co-op classes now on our weekly schedule, we’re getting into the routine of school for the year.  Leah is gaining independence in her work, coming to me when she needs help – especially with IEW.  Wyatt is finding that he prefers to work in his room or the family room.  We’re all over the house and that is just fine with me.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…  is great for homeschooling resources and pintables. If you’re not familiar with it, take a peek.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Other than our anniversary dinner out, we didn’t really go anywhere.  It was nice to just be at home after a busy summer.  I even managed to only go to Wal-Mart once this week! 
My favorite thing this week was…
Co-op starting back.
My kiddos favorite thing this week was…
I think it’s the same as mine.
What’s working/not working for us…
Doing school all over the house & even in the yard in the sunshine.
Things I’m working on…
I am preparing to lead a ladies group at church on a study of the book Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst starting in September.  I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do in my life by going through this with my sisters in Christ.
I’m reading …
Prep material for the Unglued study.  Oh, and Leah and I are still reading Anne of Greene Gables.
I’m cooking…
I actually cooked a lot this week.  My favorite was Cinnamon Roll Waffles that I found on Pinterest, of course.  And Wyatt is becoming quite the omelet maker so I am sharing my kitchen!!
cinn waffles
I’m grateful for…
18 years of marriage and a man who loves me despite my faults and failures.
I’m praying for…
A decision that I need to make.  Not one of those huge ones, but a decision that I want to be sure I’ve sought the Lord on.
Something I am ogling or have my eye on…
My waffle maker broke in the process of the Cinnamon Roll Waffles cooking so I suppose that I will be needing a new one sometime soon.
A photo, video, link, and a quote to share…
Just for fun, here is one of our wedding photos.
Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal  and Homeschool Review
Joy to You!

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