T is for……….


I’m a Southern girl.   And I’m proud to be from the South.  

One of my favorite things about the South is Tea!  I like it iced and sweet.   

I realize that there is no health benefit to sweet tea but it’s a staple in our house. 

While living in Louisville, I came to appreciate hot tea, thanks to a few sweet friends.  Before we moved back to SC, Leah, my mom and I had the chance to go to a tea parlor with our friends.  It was a fun time where we were able to try out many different flavors of hot tea. We had a tray of sweet and savory goodies to share and we got to try on, and wear, hats and scarfs and capes.  It was really fun and such a wonderful memory!

tea collage

Recently I learned that my home state has a tea treasure.  Charleston is home to America’s only tea plantation.  We have not been there but it is on my list of things I’d like to do.  According to their website, while visiting the tea plantation, you can visit the working Tea Factory, the Gift Shoppe, and take a Trolley Tour around the grounds to learn about the plantation.  It sounds like a fun field trip to me.


Thanks for joining me.  Click over to Ben and Me to see what topic others have chosen for the letter T as we all “Blog through the Alphabet.

Joy to You!





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