Q, R & S………


I am WAY behind in my “Blogging through the Alphabet”

This is my quick effort to catch up so here goes……….

Q is for Quilt


I don’t really call myself a quilter.  I don’t even claim to really know how to sew, however, when we received a sweet pink quilt from my hubby’s co-worker for our Leah when she was born, I decided that I wanted to try to learn to sew.  I went to a friend and asked for pointers.  She told me that the kind of quilt our daughter had received was really easy to make.  You know what?  She was right.  And so, over the years I’ve made quite a few baby quilts.  Here are a few of my creations; all for the kids of very special friends.

R is for Reading List


I love to read and had big plans to read a lot this summer.  My plans haven’t worked exactly as I imagined but I have managed to get in a few good books.  And I’ve spent time in God’s Word.  I have a reading plan on my Kindle that keeps me on track so that I make through the Bible in a year.

If your children love to read, we discovered a cool website earlier in the summer called Biblionasium.  It’s a place for kids to document what they are reading.  You can set challenges for them to read a certain number of books or a specific kind of book.  And they can invite their friends to read along with them.

S is for Silence

I’ve heard that “silence is golden”.  Sometimes I’d say that is true.  Sometimes I know its not true.  This past Monday I wrote about Silence.  You can read it here.  I think this post is a perfect one for the letter S as I Blog through the Alphabet.

Thanks for joining me.  Click over to Ben and Me to see what topics others are “Blogging through the Alphabet” about.

Until next week,

Joy to You!



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