Heart of Worship (Monday Meditations)


I listened as the leader of our Praise Team told the story of how the song came about…And then the music began to play, we began to sing the words that were on the screen….It goes like this….


I realized somewhere in verse 2 that His searching of my heart would not find a “heart of worship”…….At least not recently


And then the chorus……….


I’ve made it the busyness of service in the church.  I’ve made it a quick prayer with a sister in Christ who is hurting.  I’ve made it a quick read of scripture in the morning to check my quiet time off my list of daily tasks.  I’ve made it so much more than what it should be………what it needs to be.

And then the last verse……


I want to come back to a heart, an attitude of worship.  For He deserves our worship.  Not just inside the walls of the church building but in every moment of every day.  I want my life to be an expression of worship to the God of the Universe.  With every. single. breath!!

Maybe there is someone out there, reading this post, that also needs to return to a “heart of worship”. 

Joy to you!


(P.S.:  You can find the history of this song by Matt Redman here.  It’s a really cool story)


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