O & P ………..


O is for Origami

My son loves to do origami.  AND he’s really good at it.  He enjoys finding a new book at the library on Origami.  He enjoys finding just the right creation for someone special and making it for them.  It’s not unusual for me to find folded paper in the car and  around the house.  I really don’t mind because it’s just really cool!
I thought this a perfect subject for my “O” in Blogging through the Alphabet so I did a little research.  I found the website for the Origami Resource Center.  According to their site, Origami is a Japanese art from, however, paper did not originate in Japan so no one is really sure if Origami originated in Japan.   It is believed that paper made in China was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks in the 6th century, so it is possible that the Chinese were folding paper long before those in Japan.  The link above has lots of interesting facts about Origami and also instructions on making different things.   Check it out with your kids.  It would be a fun, rainy day activity!!
Here are a few of Wyatt’s creations:
origmi Collage

P is for Pepperoni Pasta

This is one of our favorite meals.  
The plus is that it is quick and easy.  
(I can’t take credit for the recipe because I’ve had it so long that I honestly don’t remember where I got it)
 And here is the finished dish!  

pepperoni pasta

See you next week as I blog with other Through the Alphabet over at Ben and Me.
Joy to You!

2 thoughts on “O & P ………..

  1. I wish Wyatt had been with us this week at Spring Mill. There is a small museum there that honors astronaut Gus Grissom, who was killed in an accident while preparing to launch the Apollo I mission. Some Japanese students sent his widow a chain of 1000 origami cranes, which is on display in the museum. They are tiny little cranes all linked together. I took a picture, but you can’t really see the details. I bet Wyatt would love it and might even be inspired to make one himself.

    I love origami.

    And pepperoni.

    And you.


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