InstaFriday ~ 6/7/13

life rearranged
I just stumbled upon InstaFriday over at Life Rearranged, so I thought it might be fun to join in.  

Especially since I posted several photos today through Instagram.

Today was the last day of our annual vacation to the beach with my husband’s family. 

We planned on spending the last day in the sun.

Tropical Storm Andrea had other plans for us.

When I woke up this morning there were waves, like I have personally never seen before.

It was amazing.  

This photo doesn’t really show the magnitude of the waves but it’s the one I posted.

2013-06-07 10.19.29

Since it was raining and very windy, we decided to go shopping.

Here are Wyatt and our niece being silly.

2013-06-07 11.19.39

I received a text today from a friend that included a photo of me and the kids that she took last week.

2013-06-06 21.19.21

I think it’s a pretty good shot of us.

And last, I just have to share my birthday gift from my sweet husband.

2013-05-31 20.54.22

I’ve been wanting a necklace like this for awhile now.  

I guess he decided that my ??th birthday was a good occasion for it.

Click on over to Life Rearranged to see what others have on their InstaFriday post.

You can find me on Instagram under robincd529

Joy to You!



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