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Loggerhead Turtle

mama turtle baby turtle

My favorite beach is Holden Beach in N.C.  There are several reasons that I love it,  one of those being that Holden Beach is a sanctuary for the Loggerhead Turtle.  Every Wednesday, at 7 pm, from June – August, the Turtle Patrol gives a “Turtle Talk”.  We attended the “Turtle Talk” last night and I learned a few interesting facts about the Loggerhead and about how they lay their nests.  I thought I’d share them with you:

  • Loggerhead Turtles are an endangered species.
    •  (They are also the official reptile for my home state of South Carolina)
  • They like to eat  jellyfish.
  • They are typically 25 – 30 years old when they began to lay eggs
  • The babies instinctively go to the water from the nest when they hatch.  When they are 25-30 years old, that same  instinct will often bring them back to the general area where they were born to lay their eggs
  • The marks in the sand that a Loggerhead makes when coming on the beach to lay her nest are called a “crawl”
  • Loggerheads lay their eggs from dusk to dawn
  • Their nest is as deep as her back flippers are long and resembles the shape of an upside-down light bulb.   It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour for her to dig the nest, lay eggs, cover the nest and return to the sea
  • The nest will have an average of 120 eggs
  • The turtles can lay between 1 – 6 nests per season which last from May to September.
  • It takes approximately 50-60 days for the eggs to hatch.  The temperature of the sand is a big factor in how long it takes them to hatch AND the warmer the sand, the more females that hatch.

The “Turtle Patrol” of Holden Beach has been in existence for 24 years.  The members of the patrol are all volunteers.  Their mission is to preserve and protect the turtle population of Holden Beach.  Sometimes that means that they will move a nest because it’s too close to the ocean and the nest can be harmed by the tide.

Right now, Holden Beach has 5 nests and approximately 509 eggs.

I’d love to be here when the babies hatch! {smile}

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