Is It I?


Today I reflect on yesterday.
For four weeks our church has been doing a drama reenacting The Last Supper.  Each week we were introduced to three disciples.  Each week, they told their story of how they met and were called by Jesus to follow Him.  Each week, the disciples asked, 

Is It I, Lord?  Is It I?

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was the culmination of all the disciples together.  We partook of the Lord’s Supper as a congregation.  
As I partook, as I meditated on my own sin, I realized that I too could ask “Is it I, Lord?”
Maybe I don’t deny Him but I certainly sin.  I loose my temper.  I put other things, other people before Him.  I don’t set His day aside for rest.  My list is endless.
We sang “O The Blood”.  What an incredible time of worship.  What a wonderful reminder of the price He paid.  What a precious thought that He took my shameful sin — a sacrifice that saved my life — that His blood is my victory.  
So “it is I” that betrayed Him with my sin.  But praise God that I have victory.
I pray you know Him.  I pray you have victory in Him.
Joy to you!



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