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We love ours!

When it was confirmed that we were going to be able to homeschool starting in August of 2011, I prayed for there to be a group for us to get involved in.  The prayer was selfish.  We were moving to a new town and I felt like it would be a great way to meet other homeschooling families in the area. And I felt like I needed the support from other homeschooling mamas.  My prayer was answered!

At our interview with the church where my hubby is now the Children’s Pastor, one of the questions asked of us was if we homeschool.  My answer was we would like to if I can figure out where to begin.  We were told about the group and as soon as I knew we were moving, I began emailing to get signed up for the group.

I love that we have great class options — I.E.W., Apologia and Answers in Genesis Science, Government and Economics just to name a few.   The big plus to these classes is that these are classes that I could teach at home but I believe there is great benefit to not only taking these in a group setting but also having instructors that are more knowledgeable than me in these subjects.  This year Wyatt’s Science teacher is a local doctor in town and his Government/Economics instructor is a lawyer in town.   We have also been blessed with great friends and that’s not just the kids; the Lord has blessed me in so many ways by allowing me to cross paths with a group of wonderful ladies.

Our group has class field trips, Spirit and Favorite Character Days, Skating parties, and this year they had a “Protocol Night” for the 7th and 8th graders to help them learn proper etiquette.

I know that co-ops aren’t for everyone but for now, I am very excited that we have the opportunity to participate in our local group.

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