A is for ………….

Blogging Through the Alphabet

 About this time last year my friend Marcy over at Ben and Me started Blogging Through the Alphabet.  I joined in and it was a lot of fun coming up with something to write for each letter, though I admit I did miss a few.  Anyway, this is her 3rd round of blogging through the alphabet and so I decided to try to join in again this year.
So, here goes:

 A is for ……


American Girl, which is a favorite in our house with a certain 9 year old.
She loves them.
The books.
The movies.
And of course, the dolls.
We have 3 dolls; one of which, Leah bought with her own money.
AG collage
We took a special trip to Atlanta for last year to the American Girl store where we celebrated Leah’s 8th birthday at the cafe’ inside the store.  I have to hand it to American Girl, they really make celebrating a birthday special.  The doll even gets a chair, a plate, a cup, and a birthday hat.  Nana and Aunt Yvonne went with us on that trip and we had a lot of fun.
As a mom, I love that the books offer Historical Fiction.  How cool that she can learn a little history while reading about her favorite American Girl doll.  The Contemporary Fiction is good too.  McKenna is our favorite doll, and movie,  right now.  
They have pets for the dolls too.  We have Coconut the puppy.  Below is a photo I just had to capture of Leah’s puppy and her friend’s puppy sitting on my couch having a snack with the girls while they watched the McKenna movie.
Now to my favorite part.  Being a homeschool mama, I am always looking for opportunities for my kids to learn.  Recently I was on the American Girl website with Leah and I saw a section that said “for parents and teachers”.  It got my attention.   I was very excited to see that they have learning guides that can be used in schools and book clubs.  Isn’t that cool?  The learning guides have questions that go along with the books, crossword puzzles, educational craft ideas — like designing a flag or creating a map of where you live.  I love that Leah and read books that she enjoys while learning about history or, in the case of the contemporary fiction, reinforcing good character qualities.  If you have a daughter, or a little girl in your life, that loves American Girl this is a great tool.
Hop over to Ben and Me to see what others are blogging about for the letter A.  
Joy to You!

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