Catching Up! (March 16, 2013)

In my life this the past 2 weeks…
I missed last week’s journal so I’m catching up.  Last week marked the end of Upward Basketball at church.  While I didn’t have a child playing, Wyatt helped coach and the Upward ministry is my husband’s responsibility so we were there a lot.  Last weekend Wyatt went on a youth retreat, I went on a ladies retreat, and Leah and Kevin had a Daddy/Daughter weekend.  Oh, and Leah and I went on a field trip with her SC History class at our co-op.  This week has been a little less hectic and for that I am grateful.
In our homeschool this the past 2 weeks…
As mentioned above, Leah and I went on a field trip with the SC History class that she takes at our co-op.  I grew up in SC so I am really enjoying having a refresher in the history of my home state.  The field trips have been the best.  This trip included the SC State Museum and the SC State House.  The current State House was being built during the Civil War.  Sherman’s army shot 6 canons right into the walls.  Those places are now marked by bronze stars.  The statue of George Washington that Leah and I are standing in front of was also already in place during the Civil War and a Union soldier knocked part of Washington’s cane off of the statue — SC decided not to fix it because it’s part of our history.  I think it’s really cool!  Here’s a collage of a few highlights of the trip:
SC History Collage
   1. Excelsior Cotton Gin
   2. Leah’s class outside the museum
   3. Leah and friends enjoying a treat        
   4. Leah and I in front of a statue of George Washington
   5. A beautiful monument that depicts the end of slavery in the  south
   6. The SC State House              
   7. The plaque that tells about the history of the State House
We’re working hard in all of our subjects and beginning to see some of them wrapping up.  Then again, some will carry over a bit into the summer.  I can’t believe that another year of school is almost behind us.  It goes by so fast!
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Field trips are the best!!!  (Just my opinion)
My favorite thing this week was…
Spending time just talking to my hubby about everything and nothing.  **Remember Upward season just ended so conversations over the past few months have been in passing or as we fell asleep after long days**
What’s working/not working for us…
Springing forward!  It is just not my favorite activity.  Love the longer days but our energy is lacking.
Questions/thoughts I have…
Does everyone finish all their curriculum every year?  This is just our 2nd year homeschooling and there are a few subjects that needed extra time so we took it.  Now, we are feeling a little behind.
Things I’m working on…
Yard work.  There are weeds to pull and bushes to trim.  AND I’d love to plant some flowers to add a little color to the yard.
I’m cooking…
Grilled chicken, Baked chicken, Parmesan Orzo, Chicken and Dumplings
I’m grateful for…
Grace.  The kind I receive daily from my Heavenly Father and the kind I receive from friends and family.
I’m praying for…
Our country.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…
I mentioned that I went on a ladies retreat last weekend.  We went to Edisto Island in SC.  It was a lot of fun.  Below is a shot of an alligator in the pond across the street from the house we stayed in.  I clicked the camera a little late and only got his tail and his eyes, which are kind of hard to see.  He was at least 6’ long.  The other photo is the sunset as we drove off the island.  Just a beautiful reminder of the handiwork of God.
alligator sunset
 Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal over at iHomeschool Network and Homeschool Review over at Hammock Tracks. 
Joy to You!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up! (March 16, 2013)

  1. No, we never finish our workbooks and such. I have to remember from when my oldest ones spent time in Public school… that public school rarely ever finishes books either! I have also come to accept and realize: repetition. Most curriculum circles around to repeat the concepts in subsequent years so what they miss or struggle with now…. they get another chance at! I hope this helps! I’ve just been homeschooling 5 years now and I notice; each year we learn more about teaching, schooling and our children… what a wonderful journey!


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