Meditation for March 11, 2013


In my past life — before becoming a full-time, homeschooling mama — I worked as an an Interior Designer.  That was my major in college and I spent my career working in commercial design so that meant a lot of space planning and a little bit of creativity.  It was still fun.  There were still multiple spaces and rooms to consider that had purpose and meaning and needed to function as their design was intended.   I didn’t often get to select fun colors and patterns and artwork and rugs and drapes, but I absolutely love to look at furniture and art and rugs and accessories.  I like to look at floor plans and imagine how I could decorate them. I could watch those home and garden shows all day long.   Sometimes I look at a house and think of how to make it more to what I think I would like or need, how it would better serve my family. 
This week’s verses for the 100 Verses in 2013 Challenge make me smile.  Especially the second one; it seems right up my alley.



Why?  Because it’s about my eternal home.  A home that’s being prepared for me.  A home that will be exactly what I need.  It is so exciting to me that the Lord is preparing that for me.  The first verse also speaks to me reminding me not to let my heart be troubled.  How?  By believing in Him.  Believing that He will do what He says He will do.  That is comforting for me.  
Joy to you!



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