I Found Grace

Sometimes things are just hard.  What kinds of things?
Could be anything really.
Work, School, Relationships, Schedules. The list is really endless.
For me, this week, it was conversations.
I can’t imagine that I am alone in having a conversation that I didn’t want to have. Why? Because sometimes they can be really hard.  Nevertheless, we have to have them with our kids. With our spouses. With our co-workers. With our friends.
Sometimes the conversation is calm but hard because of the topic.  Sometimes the conversation is hard because it ends in elevated tones.   This week I have had both.
The beautiful thing about both kinds is that for me, this week, I found grace at the end of both.  I am sure that I didn’t deserve it.  But that’s what I got.
It reminds me of God’s grace.  How He gives it to us especially when we don’t deserve it.
For that I am thankful.  I pray that you find grace in those “hard” things too.
Joy To You!



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