I Needed These 2 Verses (100 Verses ~ Week 8)


Do you ever read (or hear) a verse — or two — and know
in the very deepest place of your heart
that God orchestrated that reading…that hearing?
The verses to memorize this week for the 100 Verses in 2013 Challenge are just that for me.
     hebrews412       hebrews416
You see I know first hand how words can hurt.  How they can divide and judge.
Only this kind of dividing and judging was from me and my sharp tongue.  
Surely my words felt as though I was coming at the recipient with a double-edged sword.
I also know first hand how the grace and mercy of God can cover the hurt.
Can allow forgiveness to be asked for and to be given.
Without getting too personal (you will just have to trust me on this one),
I have been an absolute basket-case for over two weeks now.  
Feeling like EVERYTHING was standing on the tip-end of  every nerve in my body.
I was feeling like I would explode any minute.
There was no patience,  no tolerance, no grace from me.
It’s better now.  I’m feeling more like myself.  
Today, I opened the verse schedule to see what I would be memorizing this week and there were the two verses that I needed.  Thank you Lord for the gentle reminder.  Thank you Lord for convicting me.
I already knew it.  Memorizing, meditating on God’s Word will do that to you. 
But the reminder, for me, was necessary.
My ill words did “cut”, they did hurt.
I had to ask forgiveness.
I had to ask for mercy and grace.
From my family and friends.
From my Heavenly Father.
I praise Him for His Word being active and alive.
I praise Him that His Word does judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
I praise Him for His grace and mercy.
Join me again, and others, as we journal about memorizing 100 Verses in 2013 over at Ben and Me.
Joy to You!

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