Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ February 8, 2013

 In my life this week…
I don’t know about you but I truly accomplish things better when it’s written down and I can check it off.   In February 2012 I wrote about keeping a “to do” list.  I still have one….or two or three…. Anyway, I have quite a few projects around the house that I would like to get done SO, I have started a “project list” for 2013.  I don’t want to plan too far ahead so I’ve only put down a few things for February and March.  Here’s my list so far.  
project list
I hope to share a photo of my list later in the year with lots marked off.  Other than trying to get myself organized, it’s been a normal week.  Like I said last week, I like our “as usual” or normal!!!
In our homeschool this week…
Last week Wyatt was growing bacteria in my refrigerator and on the counter top   This week he is decomposing bananas with yeast.  It is just gross!!!  Now I remember why science was never my favorite subject.    On the other hand, I love Bright Ideas Press Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.  This is what Leah is doing for science and we are having fun with the experiments she is doing.  Today is experiment catch up day for us and it turns out they all take more time than I realized so I’ll have to post photos of her experiments next week.
banana project
Here are photos of Day 1 of the banana experiment.  We have pictures from every day but they are really gross so I thought I’d spare you.
Leah is beginning a project for her SC History class at our co-op.  She has to do a presentation on a county.  She chose Greenville since that is where we are from.  It’s really fun to look into the history of the town where I grow up.  We have until April to complete the project so there will be more about it in the months to come.
I am inspired by…
My son.  There is a bill being presented to the SC House Education and Public Works Committee that would require all homeschoolers to take the state required standardized tests that the public schools take and it would also eliminate membership in a homeschool association (this is one of 3 ways we can currently, legally homeschool in SC).  When I told Wyatt about it, he asked if he could email the members of the committee to give them the point of view of a student.  Of course, I said yes.  HSLDA sent a form letter that we could send but he preferred to write his own.  My prayer is that hearing from a student will make a difference in the opinions of the members of this committee.
Places we’ve been…
Nowhere special.  After last week of running all over the place it was nice just to be at home.
My favorite thing this week was…
I have two!  
game night2
First, playing board games as a family.  We played Qwirkle and Chutes and Ladders.  No matter the game, we always enjoy playing together as a family.  By the way, if you don’t know what Qwirkle is, I wrote about last summer when I was blogging through the alphabet.  You can see that post here.
Second, I was reading through the other posts from last week’s HMJ and a sweet personal friend (who lives in KY) was listed as an inspiration to another mama (who lives in Australia).  So cool to see other mama’s, especially one’s I know, impacting the lives of others.
What’s working/not working for us…
Drinking more water.  It’s so important and my family just doesn’t drink enough so I gave the kids a challenge.  The three of us have to drink at least 3 – 8 oz. glasses of water a day.  The consequence is that each glass cost 5¢.  If they miss an 8 oz. glass they have to pay me.  If I miss an 8 oz., glass, I have to pay both of them.  It may seem harsh but they have been drinking water like crazy.
Questions/thoughts I have…
I’m feeling a little behind in my school organization so I’ve decided that that homeschool moms should have teacher work days.  Can I get a second?!
Things I’m working on…
At the risk of sounding like a broken record — I am still memorizing Scripture and even though Leah and I made great progress in her room, we are not done.  Maybe this weekend we can finish up. 
I’m STILL reading …
Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart by Robert J. Morgan.
I’m cooking…
We had Parmesan Chicken Bake and Orzo with Parmesan and Basil Monday night.  Both recipes I found on Pinterest.  Tuesday night was tacos simply because I was feeling like I might be coming down with something and tacos are easy.  Wednesday night was fellowship dinner at church and Thursday we worked concessions at Upward Basketball practice so we ate there.  I did make French Toast and bacon for breakfast Thursday morning.  It’s my favorite breakfast!!!
french toast
I’m grateful for…
The freedom to homeschool.  With this Bill going through the SC government right now, it makes me keenly aware that this is a privilege.
I’m praying for…
Homeschooling rights in SC and across the country.  Also for sweet friends in KY dealing with a possible cancer diagnosis.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
“In the middle of the muddle our holy Lord is calmly at work” ~ Elisabeth Elliot
Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal over at iHomeschool Network.
Joy to You!

One thought on “Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ February 8, 2013

  1. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog entry. Comments always bless me! I enjoyed your blog post as well. and I Second that!!! I really need to get some more planning and grading done. I am blessed to read that your son whats to email the committee to give his, as a student, opinion. Wow, that shows that he’s a confident homeschooler. I love the quote… I need to remember that one.
    God bless you! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂
    (ps, I am a week behind in my blog reading LOL. and I need to write one for this week.)


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