On the go……… (HMJ 2/1/13)

In my life this week…
It has been a busy, but very good week.  Busy because we had to work around appointments with the family doctor — for a check-up, the eye doctor — for a routine eye exam, and the dentist — because we thought she had a cavity.  The result was glasses for my girl but no cavity!  Woo Hoo!!  Other than that, life rolled along as usual.  I’ve decided I REALLY like “as usual”!  Below is a shot of Leah in her new glasses.  They were having a special so we actually got 2 pair for the price of one.
In our homeschool this week…
Since we were working around doctor’s appointments, school was done all over the place.   It’s not ideal but it definitely works.  Wyatt is doing a science experiment where he is attempting to grow bacteria in chicken broth – in my refrigerator and on the counter-top   Gotta love science!!   Other than that, it’s been the normal stuff.  I am still working on multiplication tables with Leah.  Wyatt finished reading The Hobbit in literature and is moving on to poetry.  History for Leah has us moving to Christopher Columbus and then on to the Pilgrims.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Go with the flow.
I am inspired by…
100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart by Robert J. Morgan and Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.  These two books are, at least in my mind, impacting me in a profound way.  My prayer is that those around me can tell a difference in me.
Places we’ve been…
Doctors, doctors, doctors.  On Thursday, my hubby needed to go to Columbia for work so we took school on the road.    I figured that we had been doing school in multiple places this week anyway so why not add a road trip to the list?!  While in Columbia, I got to go to Michael’s Craft Store.  That may not seem like a big deal to most people but when you live 1-1/2 hours from the closest one, it’s a treat.   We also got to eat at Chick-fil-a which is also a treat since we don’t live close enough to one to go anytime.  And we shopped for Leah’s glasses. 
My favorite thing this week was…
Character day at our co-op.  My kids were Gandoff from the The Hobbit and Amy from Little Women.

Things I’m working on…

I am still memorizing Scripture.  I’m also helping Leah clean out her room.  She’s grown out of so much and it’s almost time for the community consignment sale that I participate in.  
I’m STILL reading …
Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart by Robert J. Morgan.
I’m cooking…
More this week than in the past few weeks.  On the menu this week was Chicken and Perogies with Steamed Broccoli, Cube Steak with Mashed Potato Casserole and Green Beans, and an Italian Sausage and Pasta dish we affectionately call “Cricket’s Pasta”  because our friend Cricket gave us the recipe.
I’m grateful for…
The flexibility of homeschooling 
I’m praying for…
A sweet lady in our church who is having surgery this week for breast cancer.
A photo, video & link, quote to share…
We discovered this group back in November at the Chris Tomlin concert.  Just thought I’d share one of their songs in case you’re not familiar with them.  Click on the album cover photo below to see a YouTube video of their song called “Brokenness Aside”
Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey.  I’m linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal over at iHomeschool Network. 
Joy to You!

2 thoughts on “On the go……… (HMJ 2/1/13)

  1. Love the glasses! (And don’t you love when there’s a deal!)

    Aren’t science experiments great? LOL Sure makes for interesting conversation when people visit! We currently have a piece of moist bread in a Ziplock hanging over a heater vent trying to grow mold to look under the microscope. LOL


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