The Desert Place

Have you ever had one?  
Or maybe you feel like you are in the desert right now!
Sometimes its huge.  And sometimes its all the little things combined.  I’ve had both.
Yesterday, it was all the little things combined.  I had a rough Sunday morning.  You know the kind where you oversleep, can’t get the kids motivated, don’t have time for breakfast, can’t find anything to wear that doesn’t need ironing, kids can’t find their shoes or their Bibles……….the list is endless.  An ugly attitude was forming.  I went to church frustrated.
After signing my 3rd grader into her class, I was walking down the stairs to head to my Bible Fellowship class and “choose joy” came to my mind — to my heart.   So I determined that I would.
During Bible Fellowship everyone seemed caught up in their own conversations.  As I looked around the room full of people, I felt alone.  For some reason I felt sad.  My choice for joy was not happening.
As I settled into my seat in the sanctuary, I did not feel like worshiping.  Joy was not coming to me despite my “choice”.  I said a prayer for the Lord to give me a heart of worship, to give me joy.  
Then the music begin to play.  These words appeared on the screen: 
Tears flooded my eyes.  I could not stop the feeling of emotion that was overwhelming me.  That was it!  I felt like I was in a “desert place”.   Eventually I began to sing along.  Then the next song came.  It goes like this:

healing to use

Wow!  I was overwhelmed!  My desert yesterday was small — I’ve definitely had bigger ones.   I’ve definitely had more lonely ones.   This one in particular wasn’t just about yesterday morning before church.  Our first week back to school after the Christmas break was less than desirable.  We’re busy…too busy.  There are friends and family hurting, both physically & emotionally, and I don’t know how to help.  There are lost connections.  There is much housework and yard work to be done.  This list too, though it may seem petty, is also endless.
The Lord had, during our time of worship, showed me my “desert place” and had reminded me of the way out. It’s His love.  No matter the reason for ending up in that desert.  There’s not one reason that is too much of a mountain or a valley.  There’s not one reason that is too much of a gain or a loss.  There’s not one sickness or one secret or even chains that His love cannot make the way out of the desert place.  His love is healing.  All we have to do is leave our desert place and rest in His hands.   In the healing that is in His hands.
I pray that the next time I find myself in a desert place, that I remember this song and find healing.
Joy to You!

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