Monday Morning Meditations

This post to share with one of the tools I use to “meditate” on the Lord!
The tool is a new treasure for me!   

It’s a prayer journal that a sweet and precious friend
gave me.  I use it to record the scripture that I am
reading, what the Lord teaches me from that Scripture,
and has a place for me to write out prayers or prayer requests.
For me, this a tool to help me focus and meditate on the Lord.  Using the journal and being asked every day what the Lord is showing me has been a great source of encouragement for me.
I pray that you have a “tool” or rather a “treasure” of your own to use that helps you to meditate on the Word of God.
Joy to You!

One thought on “Monday Morning Meditations

  1. Why, I happen to have a journal very similar to that one and I also enjoy it very much. It is so nice to have the gentle guidance and direction of the questions and comment section. And God amazes me every time when He gives me the exact Scripture I need at the moment. I have a Women’s Devotional Bible with a subject index—-I looked a certain subject and He lead me to the very best devotional that applies directly to what is troubling me and gave me a whole bunch of Scripture to go with it!! He is amazing. I will tell you more about it later.—–(So glad you like your journal!)


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